A close encounter...

Here I the slightly overdramatized series of events that led me to a rare critter today:

  • 4:00 pm. I've finally arrived in my driveway after a long day of taking pictures at work. First thought: SO. THIRSTY. NEED PINK LEMONADE. 

  • 4:02 pm. I open the garage door and make a run for the fridge in there. I snatched the pink lemonade bottle Indiana Jones style as though it were the lost ark. I opened it up and started making my way outside to enjoy the gorgeous summer day and my delicious, sweet pink lemonade.... Are you thirsty yet? (Hahah.) 

  • 4:03 and 3 nanoseconds pm. *POKEMON ALERT GAMEBOY MUSIC PLAYS*.... A WILD LEAVANNY APPEARS (on the side of the garage door)! 

  • 4:04 pm. I realize that I unfortunately did not go through a multiverse portal into the Pokemon world, and that the Leavanny is in fact, a little praying mantis... Ah well, I can dream right?

  • 4:05 pm. I realize that praying mantes are supposed to be omens of good luck at least! Yay me :) 

  • 4:05 pm and 42 seconds pm. My Mr. RickyPhotographerMan instincts kick in, so I run in and grab my camera. 

  • 4:07 pm. The praying mantis has hopped down, so I scurry and get down on the ground take some macro shots of it on my driveway before I lose it on its pilgrimage to my great green lawn. 

Check out the pictures below!

Maybe those who stumble upon my pictures may find good fortune awaiting them soon as well (Yay internet!) ;)



Macy's 4th of July Fireworks

This past 4th of July, I finally went up to the NYC Skyline from Hoboken, NJ to see Macy's spectacular annual fireworks show for the first time.

 This was also my first try at fireworks photography, so I'm pretty happy with the way they came out. For those interested, I've provided the camera settings I used, as well as a slideshow of the shots I got, below. Enjoy!

Camera Settings: 
ISO: 100-400
Shutter Speed: 15-8 Seconds
Lens: Nikkor 18-105mm VR 

And as always, I'd love to hear your thoughts or see what other photographers are doing. Let me know, and comment below! 



Hey guys! This is my first of many blog posts to come. I have just redesigned and completely revamped my website-- let me know what you think!

In this section of the site, I will be keeping you guys updated on my photography and film endeavors here and there. I'm certainly not an prolific writer or blogger, but I do think it's nice to have a space where you can find out what I'm currently up to in addition to getting to know me better. Check back here for news about my latest projects and events, new photos, and any short stories I feel might be worthy to share. 

As always, feel free to comment or head over to the contact page to send over your feedback, questions, or professional inquiries. I'd love to hear from you!